1. Mini zmax with 510 and eGO thread fitting all atomizer/cartomizer. like CE4/vivi nova/DCT etc.

2. Chrome plated finish and stainless 

3.  Mini zmax PCB allows 5 Amperage output limit. 

4. Short Circuit and atomizer protection, reverse-battery-connect protection.

5. Battery Monitoring / Over-Discharge Protection

6. Variable voltage mini zmax can be adjustable from 3.0-6.0v volts / 3.0-15w watts in 0.1v (0.5w).

7. Built-in black OLED screen allows you to visually adjust your voltage and wattage. The most advanced OLED Screen up to now!

8.  Intelligent auto PCB when in VW mode to automatically calculate the correct output based on atomizer resistance.

9. Displaying battery volts, displaying atomizer/cartomizer ohms. 

10. ZMax buttom never get stucked even there is a 360┬░turnning around. 

11. RMS and MEAN VALUE Switch

12. works with 1 pc 18350, 

can be extended to fit 1 pc18650, 1pc 18500, 16340, 14500, 18400 battery





Life of battery

50 times rechargeable

Normal working voltage


Battery capacity


Battery keep puffs

2000 puffs

Charging time

3-5 hours


When you put the battery into the e cig, press 5s can start on the device.

 1. zmax have 8 menu, Continuous press 3 times, into menu 1: on/off the device.

2. Continuous press 4 times, into menu 2: adjust voltage (power wattage ) UP.

 adjustable from 3v-6v (3w-15w), each step is 0.1v (0.5w).

3. Continuous press 5 times, into menu 3: adjust voltage (power wattage ) Down . 

adjustable from 3v-6v (3w-15w), each step is 0.1v (0.5w).

4. Continuous press 6 times, into menu 4: to show the battery voltage. 

5. Continuous press 7 times, into menu5: show voltage or power, and resistance. 

6. Continuous press 8 times, into menu6: OELD on/off 

7. Continuous press 9 times, into menu7: into choose the power or voltage of item 2 and item 3. 

 8. Continuous press 10 times, into menu8: RMS / MEAN VALUE.  

 Choose root mean square or mean value work voltage.