Features : 

1. Clear atomizer without leakage: you can see the capacity of the atomizer clearly and not exit some problem which happened in traditional atomizer.

 2. With protective cap to avoid cigarette from dust ,scratch, etc.

 3. With a free needle bottle,easy to put the content in.

 4. The most technologically advanced ON/OFF safety system: Assure to switch on the Electronic Cigarette on purpose, instead of by accident press on the button. You can control the turn on or turn off the Electronic Cigarette like use a telephone.



Length of the electronic cigarette

100 mm

Diameter of the electronic cigarette

10 mm

Battery capacity

350 mAh

Working voltage


Each cartridge can last

350 puffs

Full battery can keep

600 puffs

Charge time

1-2 hours

Battery life ( charge&discharge cycle times)

more than 300 times

Weight of the e-cigarette


Weight of the set


Size of the gift box




2 pcs 1 ml mini atomizer

2 pcs 350 mah EGO-W battery

1 pc USB charger

1 pc Adapter

1 pc needle bottle

2 pcs Inhaler

2 pcs Inhaler cap

1 pc Gift box